Titans of Tailgate

I was really excited when my friend, Callie Hoch (iHeartRadio), invited me to cover the Titans of Tailgate event at Sunken Garden Theatre. The event was organized by local celebrity chef, Jason Dady.

I had known of Jason Dady because of my friend, Chef Cidney Wilcox’s, work with him, but today would be my first time meeting him. When I spotted Chef Dady, I immediately noticed how relaxed he was. He was clearly having a great time.

Chefs Jason Dady and Cidney Wilcox

I got my wristband and flubbed around with the camera because I’m not quite an expert in photography. The weather, mid 70’s and partly cloudy, couldn’t have been more perfect for this type of event; there isn’t much cover at the Sunken Garden Theatre.

There were dozens of booths full of food, beer, and wine. The food booths varied from empanada style desserts to squid ink paella; and of course, because we’re in Texas, there were tortillas and bar-b-que. I couldn’t step up to a booth to take a photo without someone handing me a delicious sample.

It was a lot of fun meeting local chefs like Luis Colon (Bexar Pub), Johnny Hernandez (La Gloria, Burgerteca), and Cesar Zepeda (Sangria on the Burg) as well as out of towners like, Shota Nakajima (Adana – Seattle, WA), and PJ Edwards (Chicon – Austin, TX).

The winning chef was Tim Hollingsworth (Otium – Los Angeles).

Winner – Tim Hollingsworth

When Chef Dady and I spoke he told me he was planning to hold the event again next year. If so, you’ll definitely see me there, and I definitely recommend everyone attend. Maybe I’m a little too competitive, but hopefully San Antonio’s hometown talent will take home the prize!

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