Snowed In, In Ruidoso

Snowed In, In Ruidoso

During the holidays I visited Ruidoso, New Mexico with plans to ring in 2019 in a new city with my family. Looking forward to relaxing in the mountains and the beautiful winter weather, we had no idea the adventure we were about to embark upon.

Catching Snow in Ruidoso

First and foremost, we’re from South Texas, where it rarely snows. It has snowed a total of twice in my lifetime here in the San Antonio area and when it has, it hasn’t stuck to the ground or it completely melted within a few hours. So, you can imagine we were all excited to be going somewhere there was sure to be cooler weather. We all got winter wardrobes including ski pants, jackets, snow boots, and long underwear; since we normally don’t need any of that stuff ’round here. We were definitely ready for that long week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

We left at 6 a.m. the day after Christmas to get to New Mexico before dark. As soon as we drove into Ruidoso, it began to snow! I rolled down the window to feel it and show it to our daughter, who had never seen snow before. After sliding a little on the slick roads, we made it to our cabin called Kizzie’s Cove, up a hill. Our truck made it to the driveway, but my parent’s SUV was stranded at the bottom of the steep hill where our cabin was.  I was thankful we brought our truck along, instead of being in one vehicle.

Our truck made it to Kizzie’s Cove!

The next day, my partner in crime Todd and I went to Ski Apache ski resort to brave the slopes. It was a breathtaking 12 mile drive up into the Sierra Blanca Mountains. The scenery on the drive up was amazing and I couldn’t stop taking videos & photos of the views.

It was my first time skiing and Todd’s second attempt. We picked a very busy day to ski and waited about two hours for gear and our lesson to begin. Even the employees were surprised by how busy it was, I assumed it was because of all the fresh powder on the ground. Our lesson was super short, but I learned a bit about forming a ‘pizza slice’ with my skis to slow down, glided down a super small slope, then it was on to the ski lift.

Todd and I, all bundled up!

Welp, wouldn’t you know this Texas girl can’t ski, but I gave it a whirl! Both times trying to ski off the lift, I fell down pretty much right after gliding a few feet on the snow. I got so frustrated after falling a bunch of times, and was ready to hang up those damn skis and head back to the cabin. To top it off, I somehow lost my brand new beanie hat.  By this time, it was late afternoon, so Todd suggested getting food since we were both getting hangry.

After some pizza, I tried again, fell and busted my ass, and then it was time to go.  Although I sucked at skiing and bruised my arm, and somehow lost a glove, I would do it again…maybe. I was especially grateful for the kindness of the employees at Ski Apache, who stopped the dadgum ski lift since I blocked it when I fell trying to ski off of it. I also have a really patient husband who helped me up and didn’t leave me behind when I got frustrated and told him to go on without me.

We headed back down from the ski resort and joined my parents back at the cabin. My daughter, Marie, got to play in the snow with some of my cousins who were staying nearby. It had been a great first day in Ruidoso. But, since there was much more snow than the night before, our truck couldn’t make it up that steep hill where Kizzie’s Cove was. So, we walked up to the cabin.

Downtown Ruidoso

The snow began to fall again later that evening and continued through the entire next day. It was a sight to see all of the beautiful snowfall dusting the trees and blanketing everything in sight! It was a welcomed day inside to rest our sore legs from skiing. I went between reading a book, watching movies, and napping.

The next day, we decided to make the trek down to check out the shops in downtown Ruidoso since we were so close. We trudged through the knee-deep snow down the hill from our cabin and almost slipped on the slushy roads, but we all made it safe. The shops were cute and had a small town vibe, but some were closed due to the snowstorm. We soon found out that this snowfall was the most the city had seen in many years, with about 15-20 inches after three days when all was said and done.

Marie and Todd at Hunt & Harvest

While downtown, we had a nice, pricey lunch at a cafĂ© called Hunt & Harvest. I had chipotle pozole soup and a salad with pumpkin vinaigrette dressing. We shared  charcuterie, and I had a Bloody Mary mixed with hatch green chile beer that was pretty darn good.  I was so hungry, I didn’t remember to take photos of our lunch…

The next day, we planned for more snow and loaded up on supplies (I mean, food), too bad we couldn’t find tire chains because they were sold out all over town!  So we hung around and relaxed. But by the next day, we decided not to chance another snow storm since both our vehicles had already gotten stuck.  We ended up leaving Ruidoso a day early and spent New Year’s Eve on the road to have extra time at home before heading back to work.

All in all, it was a great trip! We were able to experience a Winter Wonderland, stay in a nice, tranquil place and kick back with family. I would definitely visit again.

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