Papa’s Burgers

Papa’s Burgers

Robert Walker and I connected for the first time via LinkedIn when he invited me to checkout his restaurant; Papa’s Burgers, located at 709 Old Hwy 90 West. I love burgers, so this didn’t take a lot of convincing. Business was steady when I arrived, and when Robert entered the room, he approached each table to inquire about their meals. I noticed he treated everyone the same; when in conversation, whomever he was speaking with received his undivided attention whether they were customers, vendors, or members of his staff.


Robert has been in his current location, formerly owned by renowned Chef Johnny Hernandez, for five years but has not forgotten his first days when he catered out of his home. Robert credits Yelp with helping the growth of his business; the number of positive reviews led to Papa’s Burgers’ recognition by Money Magazine as the fourth best burger in the United States. This distinction took Robert by surprise, but what was more surprising, was meeting an Austin resident who had driven down just to try the burgers. Another surprise? I’ve been in San Antonio for nine years and this was my first time ever trying Big Red! It was delicious!

My first Big Red!
My first Big Red!

This recognition didn’t get to Robert’s head however, customer service still comes first.  Quality is non-negotiable, so Robert shops daily at a local butcher shop for meat, using his own seasoning blends, and personally selects the vegetables. The chili has no beans and is grilled, not cooked in a pot, like most other places. In fact, even the bread is specifically toasted!

Robert’s journey doesn’t end here, however, keep an eye on Robert and Papa’s Burgers to learn about his next restaurant adventure! You won’t be disappointed!




  1. Robert Walker is a superb guy. I remember messaging that fella through the winter when the infamous San Antonio Floods were all about.
    He kept his faith,sanity business & most off all his sanctity of Life. The motto on the tee shirts says it all! #2 in Texas,No 4 in the US of A #1 in your heart!💘

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