Mercury Project – A Portrait

Mercury Project – A Portrait

When I learned my friend, and personal Hair Artist, David Grinnell was being featured at Mercury Project, I knew I had to go. I love perusing the local art scene in San Antonio so I’ve become familiar with a few artists. What I never expected was to become part of the show!

Hommy and me with the Artists and Actors from Bexar Stage and Mercury Project
Hommy and me with the actors and artists from Bexar Stage and Mercury Project

I have a habit for volunteering for things, sometimes without being fully aware of what I’m volunteering for. When I heard someone say, “We need a volunteer,” my hand shot up. Next thing I knew, I was seated between two inquisitive artists.

These artists, Michelle and Dan, are part of Bexar Stage, but you’ll learn more about that in an upcoming post. On this day there were doing a special Portrait of an Audience Member. They asked fun questions about me, which I found curious, but intriguing. At the same time, they busily stroked their brushes on their canvases. I was also giddy with anticipation about how I would be portrayed on canvas and, feeling a little vulnerable, I immediately committed to exercising more and eating better.

Mercury Project with Bexar Stage
Portrait of an Audience Member Actors from Bexar Stage at Mercury Project

As if this experience wasn’t already fun enough, four more performers joined us and began acting out the stories I had been sharing with Michelle and Dan! Imagine, part of your life story being performed before a live audience! Michelle even performed a song; completely impromptu, which had us all in hysterics. I immediately thought of Phoebe (from Friends) and her song, “Smelly Cat.”

The results blew me away. I realized how insecurities we have about how we are perceived by others distort the way we see ourselves. I loved my portraits and I loved being a muse for a day! Make sure to follow Mercury Project and Bexar Stage for more events! If you’re thirsty after visiting Mercury Project, El Luchador Bar is within walking distance!

If you find yourself being the object of their artistic affection, or they yours, I hope you let me know in the comments!

  1. Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to meet you and to share the Bexar Stage experience! David is such a wonderful artist too! What a great day all around! You all are always welcome at the studio.

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