I know, I know; another day, another Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. To my defense, however, Margaritas are delicious as are tacos. I’m always stopping by a local eatery for a bite because I’m out and about fairly often; okay, all the time.

Red Bull Margarita

A friend suggested Tomatillos for lunch one afternoon and I was game because I hadn’t visited this place in a long time. I took the time to consider menu options while I waited for my friend to arrive. The have a good Margarita selection, but I wanted one with Red Bull and they pleasantly obliged. If you haven’t tried a Red Bull Margarita, you should.

I had missed breakfast and was starving, so I started off with the waitress’ recommendation of the Chile con Queso; she said it was popular. I can’t disagree, it was good. After deliberating for a bit, I decided to go with the Tacos Norteños. The Tacos Norteños come with blue corn tortillas filled with tender fajita meat; refried beans, cheese, cabbage, and avocado also accompany this dish as well as servings of borracho beans and rice. I have to say, the blue corn tortillas added a lot to the flavor and it’s not so crazy if you’re just starting to expand your palate.

Tacos Norteños

Tomatillos is located near the San Antonio Botanical Garden, Witte Museum, Brackenridge Park, and The Doseum. There’s ample parking at the restaurant and across the street, too, which is really convenient. Tomatillos is worth checking out just for the specials which you can find here: Tomatillos Specials.

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