Laying a Foundation for Fitness – Lori Peery

Laying a Foundation for Fitness – Lori Peery

I love trying new things and enjoy being active so I was really excited when a friend invited me to check out 9Round with her. Like most folks, my exercise routine got lost in the shuffle of the holidays so I was excited when I received an invitation to visit 9Round again. I used it as an opportunity to literally kick-start the New Year! After my session, I enjoyed getting to know the owner, Lori Peery.

Lori was born in El Paso, but considers San Antonio home. Despite years of success as a project manager in the construction industry, Lori kicked construction to the curb and followed her passion; fitness. Lori worked as a personal trainer and even became certified as a cycling instructor before falling in love with 9Round. Lori loved 9Round so much she and her husband, Brad, opened up two locations within one year.

9Round is a comprehensive program based on kickboxing.  Participants of all fitness levels can complete a session in 30 minutes making it perfect for busy people. There was a constant stream of people coming and going while I was there. The process is no-nonsense; you jump in, make the rounds, and you’re done. Each round involves different kicks and punches; sometimes with the trainer. You’re never stuck waiting for someone to be finished with the gym equipment you want to use and I never did the same exercise twice. There are no class times, so participants can jump in when it is convenient for them. There are rewards programs in place ranging from a t-shirt after completing 50 check-ins to getting your name on the wall when you check in 200 times.

They provide the boxing gloves so there is no need to buy or bring your own. There were two trainers on the floor with us. Both were energetic and encouraging; they took the time to show me how to kick and punch correctly so I got the most out of my effort.

I visited Lori’s Shavano Park location, but she owns the Medical Center location as well. Both are easily accessible because they are centrally located. Considering it will only take 30 minutes, checking 9Round out is definitely worth the time, but don’t forget to ring the bell on your way out to let everyone know how great your work out was!

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