Knight Watch Games –

Knight Watch Games –

For two and a half years, Knight Watch Games has worked toward advancing the world of gaming. What originally began as an online miniature terrain business evolved into a life-size medieval inspired game room. I’m not a gamer, so I was a little anxious when I walked in. I expected to see middle-aged men with pizza and arm-pit stained shirts. For owners, Brenda and Paraic Mulgrew, this is the image they want to change.

Knight Watch Games

Both Brenda and Paraic were raised in San Antonio and dated for a summer during their youth. Paraic took off for adventures in Alaska and Brenda remained in San Antonio to begin a career with Bill Miller BBQ. After a chance re-connection on Facebook, their journey as a couple began. They relocated to Germany, and during one of Paraic’s deployments, Brenda began making miniature terrains for gamers. As Paraic’s enlistment was coming to an end, the couple began to ponder their next career move.

Knight Watch Games – Miniature Terrain

Brenda and Paraic’s respect and trust for each other is undeniable. Brenda embraced Paraic’s vision to open a game room. Their first action was securing the name, Knight Watch Games. Guided by Brenda’s business acumen, beginning in June 2015 while they were still in Germany, they enlisted the help of an attorney, completed some research with the SBA, revised their business plan (a few times), and secured a location. Knight Watch Games became a reality in June of 2016. For those hoping to start their own business, Brenda suggests knowing your demographic, studying your competition, understanding the lending process, and reading about other entrepreneurs.

Knight Watch Games – Retail Space

When you enter, you’ll see game tables on the right and retail space on the left. All ages are welcome, but gamers must be 16 years old to play unchaperoned. Table space can be reserved; otherwise, play is on a first come, first served basis. Options, ranging from fantasy to historical, include dice and card games, war games, role playing, and board games. Food and drink are allowed with exception of alcoholic beverages.

The retail space carries at least 400 of the newest games within the last two months. Paraic shocked me when he shared that an average of 2,000 games come out every month! Serious gamers can create a world by renting private rooms that allow them to customize temperature, lighting, props, and even a fog machine to create a realistic experience. A semi-private room is available for birthday parties, baby showers, and wedding showers. Knight Watch Games has held memorials and proposals as well. Knight Watch Games is also the sole provider in the US for Mytholon Products; there’s a costume shop in the back for those who enjoy cosplay.

Mytholon at Knight Watch Games

While there, I was welcomed by Trey and Will as they played Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Brenda and Paraic are happy to suggest gateway games based on your interests and personality. The Knight Watch Games community encourages a friendly, positive environment where anyone is welcome to learn and ask questions so you have no reason not to check it out! You can find them on Facebook or join their Facebook Group!

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