Imagine Books & Records

Imagine Books & Records

There are bookstores and record stores in every city., but some stores tend to be more popular than others.  Books have always been popular and will continue to have a presence, but I remember a time when records were a thing of the past. Lately, though, they have found their way back into the mainstream.  Now, you can always find a Barnes & Nobles which has a huge selection of books, movies, records, and other items, but  I believe in shopping small and local so for my books and records, you can find me at Imagine Books and Records.

Imagine Books & Records

I always saw friends and other groups of creatives posting on Instagram about Imagine Books and Records but never had the chance to go see it for myself and since they have now relocated, I wasn’t able to see the old store front. Imagine Books and Records is located at8373 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251 and offers exactly what their name consists of: An assortment of books, records, movies, and other cool oddities.


After finally making my way to this unique bookstore, I can tell you that I now understand why this place has such a huge following.  The second that you walk through the door, you get the feeling that you are being transported onto a movie set where two people fall in love over their taste in music (I don’t know, I saw it in a movie one time, don’t judge me LOL!).  Not only do they offer a wide variety of books and records, but what is unique about this cool spot is they also host events centered around musicians.  I had the opportunity to see some live shows of local artists showcasing their talents along with joining in on a session that I can only compare to “Tiny Desk” by NPR, it’s called BOOKED and you can find their shows on YouTube. Check out this local talent, The Foreign Arm who has appeared on the series. If you are a lover of books and records and care about supporting local small businesses, you have to make your way to Imagine Books and Records. You won’t regret it!

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