I wasn’t the type of person who would have given much thought to which type of olive oil I was using. That is, until I met Fernando Ortega. I first met Fernando when he was sampling ILOVEACEITE at Second Saturday and had to admit how much flavor it had. I bought my first bottle and the journey began.

Fernando R. Ortega Vallejo - ILOVEACEITE
Photo Credit – Vagamundos / www.fernandortega.com

I began getting to know Fernando and about the differences between life here and life in Spain. He pointed out Spaniards live 80 years in comparison to the American average of 70. Fernando shared with me how to choose the right olive oil and the importance of eliminating other oils from one’s diet. He stressed the importance of taking time to eat and enjoying your meal without distractions. Fernando pointed out how, during times of war, soldiers on both sides would put down their weapons to eat. “We eat so quickly and without thinking,” he said. He’s right.


Fernando was originally going to start a ranch but changed his mind when he saw the opportunity to create a successful olive oil import business. Fernando briefly considered other cities, but Texas stood out on the map. Ultimately, Fernando chose San Antonio because he saw the growing economy and because he appreciated San Antonio’s success as a culinary city. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that San Antonio was founded by Spain 300 years ago!

The ILOVEACEITE experience isn’t limited to purchasing the product (which you can do by clicking HERE).

Fernando also organizes #secretdinners, but you’ll learn more about those in another post. Until then, read about it here: #SecretDinners. Make sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook, too!

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