CheckOut Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at Aquatica

CheckOut Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at Aquatica

I was invited to preview Aquatica‘s brand new slide, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. I was given the option to experience the slide myself or ask a ‘ride filler’ to give a demonstration. I’m not a thrill-seeker in any way, shape, or form, so I decided to allow the ride fillers to take my place. This also gave me an opportunity to get some really cool pictures!

A view of the slides from almost 80 feet above the ground!

According to my guide Josie, who has been a SeaWorld San Antonio employee since 1985, the ride proudly holds the title of “Tallest Multi-Tower Drop Slide in Texas”, and rightfully so! Upon walking up to Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, I couldn’t help but stare in awe (and a little fear) at how tall it is. As I ascended up the 118 steps to the top of the ride and looked out at the rest of the park, I have to admit I got a bit dizzy!

Ride fillers Jacob Garcia and Megan Contreras, pictured above, graciously volunteered to give a demonstration of how the breakaway boxes work. Two of the boxes feature random drop-ins via a collapsible platform and a third allows riders to control when they drop.

A ground view of the slides at Ihu’s Breakaway Falls.

Riders must be at least 48″ tall to ride and aren’t allowed to wear cotton shirts or glasses, but rash guards are acceptable. Go-Pros and other cameras also aren’t allowed on the slide, but riders can ask friends to film for them as they make their descent.

Jacob Garcia recovers from his thrilling ride.

While I didn’t go down the slide, other thrill-seekers and daredevils will definitely find it hard to be disappointed by the height and speed of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls!

Megan expresses her excitement over the brand new slide!

Aquatica and SeaWorld San Antonio open to the public Saturday, March 9th.

CheckOut San Antonio would like to extend their thanks to Denise and Lindsey from the DeBerry Group and to Josie, Megan, and Jacob for their help!

  1. Great article! I’ve been waiting for my youngest to be tall enough to experience all that he would want. Maybe this is the year we go to Aquatica!

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