Hiking in Hunstville, TX

Hiking in Hunstville, TX
Seven Coves Resort

For spring break we ventured away from San Antonio and stayed at the Seven Coves Resort. The resort had a gorgeous view of Lake Conroe; just remember to bring bug spray if you go or you may not be able to sit on the patio.

Lake Raven

I’m a fan of being outdoors and was happy when the opportunity to visit Huntsville State Park nearby popped up. The park is an easy twenty to thirty-minute drive north of the resort. A quick internet search led me to the Chinquapin Trail. The trail is considered challenging and is just shy of seven miles long. Although you won’t get much view of the water, the trail wraps around Lake Raven. The website and Nature Office specifically warn hikers about the dangers of the alligators, but we didn’t see any during our hike.

La Sportiva from REI

I had been waiting to try out my new La Sportiva hiking shoes (purchased from REI) and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Otherwise, all we took were our cameras, some water, and something to snack on; we opted for beef jerky, banana chips, and pork rinds. I’m glad we did because I got hungry about halfway through.

Chinquapin Trail


Aside from a few hikers and bikers here and there, we hiked most of the trail without seeing any people which surprised me because it was Spring Break. If I were to bring my bike, I’d take the Triple C trail which is about two miles longer than the Chinquapin Trail and goes around the edge of the park. The trail is also well marked so the likelihood of getting lost is minimal and there are plenty of benches along the way which allows you the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the views, which are many. When I return, I’ll likely try out a few of the shorter hikes and perhaps take advantage of the canoes, swimming, and fishing!


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