Hiking Government Canyon with Wounded Warrior Project

Hiking Government Canyon with Wounded Warrior Project

I went to Government Canyon State Park for the first time while on a hike organized by the Wounded Warrior Project. I had been concerned about the heat since it’s been in the triple digits, but luckily, the day was overcast. There were a couple of little hiccups with my new backpack because the bladder that came with the Camelback I had didn’t fit in my backpack. I was able to purchase a 3L bladder by Platypus at REI Co-op.

Our leader, Holly, coincidentally has the same backpack. She was using hers for the first time, too, but hers is a different color. She also had the same issue with her Camelback bladder. We realized both of our bladders were military issue, so now we know, military issue Camelback bladders may not work with civilian style backpacks; at least not the REI Trail 40.

This was my first time meeting the other hikers, but I found it interesting we seemed to feel the same sense of camaraderie. It’s like there’s an understanding that doesn’t need to be explained. As we began making our way through the North Bluff Spurs Overlook Trail, those who wanted to speak, spoke, and those who preferred to walk quietly, walked quietly.  No one pressured anyone else to do anything. Sometimes, I spoke and other times I got lost in my own thoughts.

If I have any advice for those who want to hike this trail, it would be to invest in a good hiking shoe. This trail is rocky, and I noticed those who wore regular sneakers stumbled and slid quite a bit. This was my second time using my hiking shoes (La Sportiva Raptor) and I didn’t have any problems at all.

The hike was around three and half miles, total. We arrived at a nice look-out point, took some quick photos, and headed back to the visitor’s center.

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