El Luchador

El Luchador

El Luchador is not like the other bars you walk into that offer an array of beer and alcohol. El Luchador also offers you a rich history of wrestling. The first time I walked into El Luchador, what drew me was not the location or the alcohol (great and all), but the wall of Luchador masks. El Luchador is located at 622 Roosevelt Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210, or as the owners Jesse and Billy refer to it, “south of Southtown.”  I had the opportunity to meet them and they offered some great insight into the history, of not only the bar, but wrestling, too!

El Luchador - El Santo
Jesse showing us a painting of El Santo

The inspiration took root after Jesse was let go from his job and he wanted to invest into a coffee shop.  Coincidentally, Billy always wanted to open a bar.  A mutual connection brought them together and Billy’s vast collection of Luchador artwork, coupled with creative minds working on all cylinders, the concept was born. El Luchador offers some great vibes and makes you feel welcome the instant you walk in; Billy can give you intimate details about the history of the Luchador and Jesse loves to talk about the process of bringing El Luchador to life.

El Luchador-42.jpg
Billy telling me about the major Luchadores that paved the way for Mexican wrestling.

With vibrant colors throughout thanks to the masks, the artwork and the bar, there is never a dull moment. A great staff also helps with this, thanks to Mary and Brittany, who can be seen behind the bar serving original drinks such as the “Chupacabra Cowboy.” Be sure to stay in touch for the latest events happening at El Luchador by following them on Facebook!

El Luchador-64.jpg
An original cocktail, “Chupacabra Cowboy”.

CheckOut SA greatly appreciates the opportunity to help our community engage with local businesses and hopes that you will CheckOut El Luchador sometime 🙂

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