Eco Centro – Artistic Pilgrimage to San Pedro Springs

Eco Centro – Artistic Pilgrimage to San Pedro Springs

It isn’t often I myself kid-free and with nothing on my calendar, but I wasn’t going to let an opportunity to explore pass me by. After searching Facebook, I decided to attend the Art of the Sacred Texas Springs – San Pedro Springs event being held at Eco Centro. I didn’t read the description because I was in a hurry to get there on time, so I expected it to only be an art exhibition. Therefore, I was surprised to walk in to hear the lecturer, Gregg Eckhardt, an Edwards Aquifer and San Antonio River Historian, begin speaking. I didn’t know there was such a thing as an aquifer and river historian!

Mr. Eckhardt shared some really interesting information about Native American life around the springs as well as some fun myths and facts like, how locals once held fat woman races for entertainment. My, how things have changed! We also donned 3D glasses to view photos which I really enjoyed. You can learn more about that here: San Pedro Springs History

Afterward, we heard from artist Luis Lopez and walked over to San Pedro Springs. I couldn’t believe that after nine years in San Antonio I had never visited the springs, but the area was beautiful. A poet, Don Mathis, shared a poem and the evening ended with an energetic participant jumping, fully clothed, into the spring!

Eco Centro - San Pedro Springs
Eco Centro – San Pedro Springs

Art is available for viewing and purchase if you’re interested. The art is very reasonably priced for anyone looking to support local artists. Otherwise, the exhibit is available for viewing every Tuesday through Thursday from 10am – 6pm until April 22nd.

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