Drifting to the Desert Door

Drifting to the Desert Door
Desert Door Drink Special – Marfa Mule

I found myself in Driftwood the other night after a friend suggested an event being held at a place called Desert Door. I remember when I thought Texas was covered in desert so the name made me laugh at myself again. I’d never been to Driftwood before and was a little unsure because it seemed like a long drive. However, the drive is beautiful and peaceful once you’ve parted ways with 281.

The Rewinders

While I was there I met one of the owners whose name is Brent. Brent served in the Marines as a pilot and the other two owners are veterans, too. We had a good time sharing stories about our experiences in the military. The event they were having was called The Wild Texas Music Series. On this night they were featuring a band called The Rewinders whose song list is comprised of tunes from the 1920s – 1970’s to include Honky Tonk and Western Swing.  I realized I don’t go out to hear live music often enough.

The Comanchero

The drinks are meticulously crafted and I had fun simply watching the bartender gathering all of the ingredients he needed to make my drink. I probably should have ventured out, but I really liked The Comanchero so I stuck with it for my second round. I drink responsibly so I made a mental note to bring a friend who could drive so I could enjoy a few more the next time.

Garbo’s Connecticut Lobster Roll

The final treat was Garbo’s Food Truck. They serve lobster rolls and since I lived in Connecticut for two years I chose the Connecticut Lobster Roll. It was so incredible. I don’t eat seafood regularly, but I’ve been craving lobster ever since. You can find them at Desert Door every Friday night from 5pm – 10pm.

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