Discover Elmendorf Lake Park

Discover Elmendorf Lake Park

Elmendorf Lake Park is located on the Westside of San Antonio. It isn’t a large lake, but it’s pretty and there is a playground nearby. Visitors can walk the paved areas or enjoy the scenic views from the bridges. One weekend I learned about an event called Discover Nature so I hopped over to check it out.

Dinosaur George was there during my visit and had the kids hanging on his every word. Kids never seem to tire of learning about dinosaurs.

This event also allowed kids to learn about Topaz, the Texas State gem, touch the pelts of different animals like skunks and foxes, and take home trees to plant.

Kids were fishing, learning about worms, had their portraits drawn, and most importantly, got to enjoy the fresh air and scenic views of the park.

Click here to learn more about the park: Elmendorf Lake Park


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