Coming Together at Confluence Park

Coming Together at Confluence Park
Our guides, Kelly and Frates

I recently got to go on a tour of the newly developed Confluence Park. It was clearly a passionate endeavor for our guides, Frates and Kelly. The name alone is significant because the park was described by our guides as a confluence of rivers, ideas, people, and education; including technology, fine arts, and math.

Confluence Park

One cannot help but marvel at the effort necessary to lift roughly one million pounds of concrete and balance them together. We learned the park is privately managed and was designed to last for 150 years, approximately. Unlike other parks, Confluence Park is intentionally not mowed to allow visitors to enjoy nature like the newly revived Guadalupe Bass, eagles, and bountiful trees and flowers.

While this park is not for sports or recreation, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. The park also hosts approximately 106 programs which are available to residents, non-profits, and schools that are either inexpensive or free of charge.

Quinceañera practice at Confluence Park

If there was any concern about locals using the park because it lacks recreational facilities those were quickly remedied. On any visit you’re bound to find cyclists, yoga enthusiasts, parents with puppies and strollers. There are easily accessible kayak chutes, too. During one visit I observed a teenager practicing a dance for her upcoming  quinceañera.

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