CheckOut the Artist: Cassidy Fritts

CheckOut the Artist: Cassidy Fritts

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” -Frida Kahlo

Artist: Cassidy Fritts

The first time I met Cassidy Fritts was at a Poetry Night at local co-creative space, The Parish.  As an art enthusiast, I really wanted to check out this event. I was also taking a leap of faith and reading my own poetry for the first time… I wasn’t nervous AT ALL (yeah right).

In between my frenetic pacing, I was speaking to other patrons and ran into Cassidy. I mentioned that I was going to be reading my very own poetry, and she did her very best to calm my nerves, but the amount of sweat that poured out of me that night caused me to become dehydrated!

While Karina and I were checking out all the great events in San Antonio, as we usually do, we hit up an event known as “Second Saturday”. While we were wandering around, I stumbled upon Cassidy again and talked to her for a little bit. Not long after that, we started to follow each other on Instagram. This is where I found out how artistically talented Cassidy Fritts truly is.

Cassidy Fritts’ Art

Ms. Fritts was born in Montgomery, AL but moved to San Antonio shortly afterward. She also spent some time in Germany before returning to San Antonio.  I relate to her experience of moving a lot, it’s fun and scary at the same time. The philosopher Aristotle once said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance.” Cassidy creates works of art that are open for you to interpret. We all have trials and tribulations in our lives, but it is how we come out of it that truly defines us. Ms. Fritts did just that when she decided that art is her life and would not let anyone tell her differently.

Cassidy Fritts’ Art

With the help of her counselor, Kramer, and her art teacher, Anglim, Cassidy has been determined to become who she is today.
Cassidy’s artwork can be seen throughout San Antonio and she is ready to continue showing the world its true face – one mural at a time.

Without question, Cassidy’s talent speaks for itself. However, if you ask me, even though her life consists of art, Cassidy’s true passion lies in serving those who live in her community.

Cassidy’s work experience includes time at non-profit organizations like SAY Sí and RAICES. It is through this type of work Cassidy shows how committed she is and that she will stop at nothing to helping those who are working hard to make better lives for themselves.

I sat down with Cassidy and asked her a few questions about San Antonio:

Hommy: “So what’s your favorite part of San Antonio?”

Cassidy: “I would hands down have to say that I love the Westside because not only will you find some of the best Mexican food in town (you have to check out Mario’s) but the people are so hospitable, they make you feel right at home!”

Hommy: “I will definitely have to make my way out there some time, I’m pretty sure I’ve been but still trying to learn this city, it’s way bigger than what I’m used to”

Hommy: “Any restaurants that you recommend we check out?”

Cassidy: “One that I can think of right off the top of my head is El Bucanero, if you like seafood and Mexican cuisine this place is pretty tasty!”

If you have the chance and want to see some great artwork, you can see her murals at places like The Parish, Brownstone Studios, Blue Star Arts Complex and Essex Modern City.

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