CheckOut Enchanted Rock

CheckOut Enchanted Rock

My love for the outdoors comes from being raised in a rural part of Alabama in a town called Samson. In fact, the road I was raised on is named after my grandfather and is still unpaved. I spent many nights during my youth enjoying the clear night sky and the fresh air.

Edith and me at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

When the opportunity to go on a night hike at Enchanted Rock came up, I couldn’t have been more excited! Enchanted Rock is about an hour and a half north of San Antonio. I travel often, so sometimes I miss these kinds of opportunities. Luckily, that wasn’t the case this time. Another Girls Who Hike Ambassador, Edith, organized our group and I invited my dear friend, Diana. Along for the hike were people Edith knew: Tyler, Joren, and David. David was in town visiting from Argentina.

Hiking Up Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Once you arrive at Enchanted Rock, you must obtain a parking pass and pay the entry fees. You can click HERE to learn about those. I suppose Enchanted Rock could remind someone of Stone Mountain in Georgia, if you’ve been there. Parking is easily accessible and there are plenty of spaces. One thing I noticed is the park was crowded, but not so crowded that you can’t get around. Otherwise, the scenery is beautiful. There wasn’t a bad view no matter which way you turned.

Fun with the Moon at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Because we arrived just before the sun was setting, we were able to see all the beautiful colors. In fact, as the sun set, we were able to watch the moon rise at the same time and enjoyed taking silly photos of ourselves holding the moon. Hiking uphill can be a bit challenging; At some points it is easier to hike sideways, like a goat.

Sunset at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Overall, this was one of my favorite outdoor experiences. I recommend taking the time to visit if you’re in the area because I don’t know of anything else like it, especially around San Antonio. You can learn about Enchanted Rock by visiting the Enchanted Rock Natural State Park website.

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