CheckOut Baptist Temple

CheckOut Baptist Temple

I visited Baptist Temple, located on 901 E Drexel, and was stunned to learn how much could go on in one place. Built in 1911, Baptist Temple serves as a hub for the community; a total of seven churches meet there. Baptist Temple also prides itself in diversity covering everything from services in American Sign Language, the Emmanuel Motorcycle Ministry, a prison ministry, and Jubilee Highland Park school. The church is even equipped with solar panels.

American Sign Language at Baptist Temple

Jorge (pronounced ‘George’) Zayasbazan serves as the Senior Pastor of Baptist Temple and served as my guide as I learned about what they have to offer the community. Before coming to San Antonio in 2009, Jorge’s church planting skills helped revitalize churches in Miami, New Orleans, and Chicago. Jorge led me through multiple floors and buildings; every square inch was dedicated to serving the community. The goal, he said, was “to help people be better.”

A friend I made at Baptist Temple

As we walked, Jorge told me about the things the church still needs, like funding to renovate the gym, particularly the floor, where I played ball with a few of the little boys I made fast friends with. The gym’s shower also needed to be updated to allow users the opportunity to shower in private. We passed a playground; although inclusive to accommodate those with disabilities, the playground is still in need of equipment. We continued our walk over to the Highland Park CAN where those in need can find clothing, food, and support. Behind the building was a small garden.

Highland Park CAN at Baptist Temple

I left feeling motivated. It was inspiring to get an inside view of an organization that does so much for the community. I hope you’ll take the time to join them in contributing, or to reach out to them if you (or someone you love) is ever in need. Follow them on Facebook!

  1. Great article. Thanks for visiting our church.
    For Jorge’s 10th anniversary at the church we had a potluck after the worship service and members donated money to the inclusive playground fund in his honor.
    You are welcome to join us anytime! We have two Spanish speaking congregations, a church which worships in American Sign Language (ASL), two non-denominational churches as well as the anchor church- Baptist Temple. On any given Sunday you could walk in and meet folks from nearly every walk of life.

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