CheckOut Alfa Romeo

CheckOut Alfa Romeo

My friends, Richard and Brenda extended an invitation to meet the members of their Alfa Romeo Meetup group at Barrett Alfa Romeo of San Antonio. The members of this newly formed group bond over their love for Alfa Romeo’s speed and sleek designs. I learned there are meetings for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts in Boerne and Austin as well, but two of those enthusiasts, Chris and Sean, started a group in San Antonio.

Karina with Alfa Romeo

I was surprised to learn this brand is around 110 years old and was initially popular in the coastal areas of the US, but eventually began making their way into middle America. I also learned there were Alfa Romeo dealerships across the US in the 1970’s, but the company worried American emission’s standards would affect the quality of their vehicles and decided to pull out of the American market.

Brenda’s favorite part about driving her Stelvio is how the car’s design makes it look as if her car is smiling at her. She also enjoys the uniqueness of the vehicle in comparison to those in the standard market. Richard likes being able to change from economic to dynamic driving modes, having eight gears, and how effortlessly the car accelerates. Above all, they appreciated the car’s value.

Alfa Romeo Logo

The group meets at least once a month at the Alfa Romeo dealership just off I10 in San Antonio and is open to anyone who would like to learn more. I found the members to be very knowledgeable and happy to share what they know.

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