Celebrating Color and Culture – East Side

Celebrating Color and Culture – East Side
Artist: Jason Eric Gonzales Martinez

The 56th mural unveiling and blessing was held on May 1st at the Southwest Worker’s Union building on 1416 East Commerce Street. It was hosted by San Anto Cultural Arts. This mural represents the coming together of black and brown communities through a multi-step process. The process included community meetings to decide which elements were going to be included. It was important to everyone the mural was inclusive and representative of those residing on the East Side of San Antonio.

Lead Artist: Rudy Herrera and his son, whose image was included in the mural

Rudy Herrera was the lead artist and assisting him were Ana Bee, Jason Eric Gonzales Martinez, Cherise Munro, as well as many other dedicated volunteers. The mural was completed in two months using all brushwork; a tedious task for these artists, but they were committed to the cause. The process included power-washing, priming, and creating the composite. After the composite was created, they had to scale it to the wall. Three inches on paper translated to three feet on the wall. We often forget math is sometimes part of the artistic process.

As a way of modernizing history, a QR Code will be inserted into the pink window so visitors can learn more about the mural.

Afterwards, participants got to enjoy socializing together with food and drink.

You can learn more about these organizations, and this project, here:

San Antonio Cultural Arts

American Indians in Texas

Southwest Workers Union


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