Big Brothers Big Sisters – Troy

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Troy

Troy and I were matched in May 2014. It’s crazy to think a 40-year-old woman could be friends with a 12-year-old boy, but for us, it works. I am the mother of two remarkable daughters, but our interests are very different. I’m not Troy’s parent and my relationship with him is very different from my relationship with my kids.

I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. I enjoyed the perks of country life that included climbing trees, playing in creeks, riding quads or three-wheelers, and riding around dirt roads with friends. Although I was a band geek, I also participated in sports; basketball and softball.

Troy kayaking at Blanco State Park

I get to relive that a little while hanging out with Troy. I talk to him about how much I disliked baseball players for going on strike in the 90’s. He refers to Dennis Rodman as, “That player with the crazy hair,” and that always makes me laugh. I enjoy telling him about players I used to follow like John Stockton, Chris Webb, and Scotty Pippin. This was over a decade before Troy was born, but he doesn’t care.

Troy at the Doseum

Troy and I are both very competitive, so we play a lot of games. He is also a talented artist and I provide as many opportunities as I can to introduce him to local art and artists of all kinds; whether it be at the McNay, the San Antonio Museum of Art, local art pop-up events, or Second Saturday. The purpose is not to spoil or spend a lot of money on him. His mother always offers to cover expenses and BBBS always offers tickets and opportunities. Our time together is sometimes a multi-day trip to NASA or as simple as a trip to the post office. Troy is a huge fan of LeBron James, so our goal is to see him in action one day.

I hope to encourage more people to befriend kids like Troy. His mother often tells me how much he has grown as a person since we were matched, but the truth is, I’ve grown, too. Besides, having a 12 year old who thinks you’re cool and wants to hang out with you even though you’re 40, is definitely good for the ego!

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