Bastrop State Park

Bastrop State Park

Bastrop State Park is located around an hour and a half northeast of San Antonio. Getting there was an adventure. My water reservoir broke, so I stopped at three stores hoping to find a 2L water reservoir but I didn’t, so I had to settle for a 1L reservoir and a bottle of water. I’m still learning about hiking and this experience helped me figure out quickly what a bad idea it was to take such little water.

Bastrop State Park

Ideally, I would’ve gotten there first thing in the morning, but it was such an adventure trying to find the reservoir I didn’t make it to Bastrop until just after noon and it was already hot outside. The temperature stayed in the 90’s well into the early evening. Long story short, I was lucky enough to make it to one of the campsites and refilled my water there. Although it’s important to keep the weight you’re carrying low, it’s better than finding yourself out of water like I did.

Scenic Overlook Trail

I started on the Lost Pines Loop and finished with the Scenic Overlook Trail. I recommend this if you have time but be prepared for roughly six miles of hiking. You can find the trail map HERE. Early into my hike I could see remnants from previous fire damage. I found it moving to see the new growth surrounding the dead trees. The trails are well marked; therefore, I didn’t have to worry about getting lost which is so important especially when you’re hiking alone. I did find myself picking off a lot of stickers, however, so watch out for those on the Lost Pines trail. On these trails you’ll find points of interest like Fehr’s Overlook and Historic Water Fountains. You’ll see those photos below.

View from Fehr’s Overlook

Bastrop State Park is a nice place to visit without going far from San Antonio. Having been raised in Alabama, I loved seeing pine trees during this hike since pine trees are not something you see much of in this part of Texas. I was fortunate enough to run into a visiting Ranger from Cooper’s Lake State Park! He gave me great suggestions for when I visit that park sometime next year!

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