Ally Brooke at 96.1 NOW’s Studio Sessions

Ally Brooke at 96.1 NOW’s Studio Sessions

Thanks to iHeartMedia I was given the amazing opportunity to attend 96.1 NOW’s very first Studio Sessions event hosted by radio personality Russell Rush and featuring San Antonio native Ally Brooke. Philip Nelson from Nelco Media manned the live-stream, which you can view on the 96.1 NOW SA page or on YouTube. By the way, you can see yours truly chatting with Ally and Russell at the 19 minute mark!

Austin Brown (left) and Drew (right)

The event began with Oregon-born Instagram star/singer Austin Brown and guitarist, known as Drew, performing some of his favorite cover songs as well as his new singles. His voice and singing style reminded me of Sam Smith, and his performances of his own songs “In-Betweenin'” and “Mean” definitely showcased his vocal range and strengths as a songwriter. Austin is currently on his own promotional tour.

Russell Rush and Ally Brooke at 96.1 NOW’s Studio Sessions

Russell Rush then came out to introduce Ally and asked her a few questions about her life and career. He also described his own experience meeting her and how she still hits him up to grab dinner when she comes home! It was so cool watching this exchange; Ally is very genuine and hasn’t forgotten where she came from before she became famous.

Ally Brooke and her dance crew

Afterwards, Ally performed her own songs including her brand new single “Low Key“. The crowd was absolutely fired up and her family, sitting two rows behind me, was the most excited to see her sing. While tearing up, Ally shared her experience of walking up to the Low Key music video set with her father. She also talked about the sacrifices her family made and how every one of them was worth it. It’s quite obvious how proud they are of her, and how grateful she is to them.

Ally tells a young fan to work hard and follow her dreams.

The event closed with Ally taking questions from fans. Several young kids asked for advice on following their dreams of becoming dancers or singers, to which she stressed the importance of working hard and believing in yourself. When I asked her what she missed the most about San Antonio while travelling elsewhere, she said her family and, of course, the Tex-Mex!

Russell Rush and Ally Brooke at 96.1 NOW’s Studio Sessions

I had an incredible amount of fun while attending this event. Check out Austin Brown’s new song “Mean” and Ally’s new hit single “Low Key”! Both songs are available on any app you get your music from.

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