RubOn! Spice Blends – AirFryer Chicken Wings and Drumettes

RubOn! Spice Blends – AirFryer Chicken Wings and Drumettes

I’ve added a new kitchen gadget to my collection. This time, it’s an air fryer (a Power AirFyer, specifically), and it turned out to be way cooler than I thought it was going to be!

My kids love wings and drumettes, so I thought those would be the best and easiest thing to try first using the hot wings recipe in the recipe book that came with the AirFryer.

The recipe goes like this:

Power AirFryer Wings and Drumettes

1 Serving

Power AirFryer Wings and Drumettes


  • 12 chicken wings/drumettes, raw
  • ½ cup of Buffalo sauce


  1. Place the wings into the Fry Basket and into the Power AirFryer
  2. Press the French Fries Button and adjust cooking time to 25 minutes at 400*
  3. Half way through the time, flip the wings
  4. When done remove and toss with the Buffalo sauce
  5. Return the wings to the Power AirFryer. Press the French Fries button and cook for 8 more minutes at 400* degrees

My kids don’t eat spicy food so I substituted the Buffalo sauce for Sweet Baby Ray’s. The chicken finished and we ate. As I was cleaning up I noticed this:

I forgot to remove the carboard from the AirFryer! Luckily, nothing had gone wrong and I was able to make more wings. While the cardboard made cleanup easy, I definitely recommend taking it out before using the AirFryer.

Anyway, I altered the recipe a little because we didn’t want BBQ sauce again and simply added a just enough olive oil and RubOn Spice Blend to coat the wings and drumettes and followed the same instructions without adding the fourth step.

The chicken was again delicious and I’m looking forward to the other things I will be able to make in my AirFyer!

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