Melissa Holden – Pinot’s Palette

Melissa Holden – Pinot’s Palette

When I first met Melissa Holden, she was with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. I remember she was incredibly friendly; one of those people you instantly enjoy being around. We would occasionally cross paths and I noticed she was always as friendly as she had been the first time I met her.

As I got to know her I realized we have much in common. We’re around the same age, we both have active and entertaining daughters who act a bit too much like us at times, and we share the same concerns regarding the balance of work and family. We both believe in including our daughters in our business activities with the hope they are learning along with us.

People as genuine as Melissa are so easy to cheer on when they start a new endeavor. However, when she told me she was opening up her own business, Pinot’s Palette, I was a little surprised. She could easily get a job wherever she wanted. I wanted to better understand what motivated her to take that step, so, I asked.

Her answer was simple. She was ready. Being ready didn’t mean she jumped in blindly. After vetting a few options she chose Pinot’s Palette because she believes it provided a solid foundation from which to start.

She is enjoying this opportunity to put her strategy to the test and challenge herself, but most of all, she is excited about what the future holds. A future, she hopes, includes travel and more quality time with her family.

When it comes to choosing a class at Pinot’s Palette, Melissa encourages participants to choose the painting they like most because the energy they bring to class is the energy that will come through in their paintings.

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